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Since the official opening of the new Community Hospital on 9th June 2014, the League of Friends has been hard at work raising funds to provide equipment to enhance the facilities and capabilities of the hospital. Specialist equipment doesn't come cheaply and the following facts and figures may give you some idea of what is involved.


Motorised Chair, 23 Dementia Friendly Wall Clocks, Specialist Oncology Chair, 3 Televisions


Nasendescope, Suturing Couch, 2 Birthing Couches, Raizer Chair, Bariatric Plinth, Christmas cheer.

   Total £19,314


Pelvic Model, Dementia Activities Boxes, Dyson fans, Aromatherapy Diffusers,  Christmas cheer and gifts to in-patients.

Total £23,067


Patient Lift for Imaging Dept, Mobile ECG Machine, 2 Bladder Scanners, Training Skeleton, Specialist Baby Nursing Chairs, Jaundice Monitor, Tens Machines, Slings & Mannequin, Training Models  and Christmas cheer.

Total £29,110


Upgrade to patient TV's, Day Rooms refurbishment, Arts and crafts equipment, bookcases, slit lamp and Christmas cheer  - Total £11,532


Fall Alarms, Bee-sting Cystodiathermy, Bariatric Bed & Mattress, Bladder Scanner, Scoop Stretcher, Radio (Outpatients) & Christmas cheer.

Total £31,586


Garden Furniture, Tonomoter, Bariatric Commode, Vital Signs Monitor, Digital Reminiscence Therapy equipment & Christmas cheer.

Total £17,777


Mattresses, scales, ambulatory care pump, reclining chairs & Christmas cheer.

Total £13,424

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